Throughout the country, commercial trucking accidents occur each day and often claim the lives of victims. The accidents are complex and could relate to immeasurable circumstances that could present multiple defendants. A Trucking accident law firm can answer frequently asked questions about these events.

Who is at Fault in a Commercial Trucking Accident?

The accidents require a comprehensive investigation to pinpoint the exact cause. Officers must evaluate the scene of the accident to determine that the truck driver caused the accident, and they must determine if the driver’s actions lead to the accident. The commercial vehicle is also inspected to determine if faulty parts, imbalanced loads, or mechanical repairs contributed to the accident.

How Do Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Laws Apply?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration defines regulations that define operating hours for all commercial truck drivers. They cannot exceed driving hours as defined by these regulations, and the drivers must enter information into a log during their shift. Any failure to comply with these regulations could define a liability for the driver and hold the trucking company accountable for failing to enforce these regulations.

Does the Insurance Carrier Compensate the Victim?

Typically, an insurance claim is filed through the insurance carrier to compensate the victim for their financial losses. The compensation must also include settlements for any permanent conditions or disabilities that result from the trucking accidents. However, if these requirements exceed the max value of the policy, the victim may need to file a claim for compensation.

Happens if a Wrongful Death Claim is Filed?

A wrongful death claim is filed if a victim dies as a result of their accident injuries, and the family must prove that the fatality could have been avoided. The investigation determines if negligence led to the fatality or if the driver was at fault due to serious moving violations.

In the U.S., trucking accidents can lead to multiple casualties and present financial hardships for families. These accidents are often the result of several factors that can relate to a violation of federal law as well as moving violations. Victims who need to file a claim contact an attorney right now.

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